Sunday, May 1, 2016

ASME says goodbye and congratulations to our seniors!

This past Friday, over forty ASME’rs and friends gathered at Vilas park to play some kickball and grill out as a goodbye to our graduating seniors. We got to the park by three and were playing kickball by four. After darkness rolled in, we moved the group to Ben and Aaron’s house and continued the good times. The event was a ton of fun (despite our lack of condiments for the burgers and hot dogs, sorry guys!) and was a great way to celebrate the end of another semester and wish our graduating seniors’ well for the future!

ASME will miss a huge chunk of our members next semester to graduation. Seven officers will be leaving our board, along with many more general members. The officers graduating are:

  • Aaron Schmitz, Vice Chair, who will be working full time for GE Aviation
  • Jon Guay, Secretary, who will be working full time for Flint Hills Resources
  • Muhammad Alvi, Outreach Chair, who will be starting his masters program at UW - Madison this fall
  • Emmett Nienhaus, Conference Chair, who will be working full time for Miniature Precision Components
  • Chad Van De Hey, Webmaster, who will be working full time for Intuit
  • Ben Wortmann, Banquet Chair, who will be working for Marathon Petroleum
  • Emily Keuler, Historian, who will be starting her masters program at UW - Madison this fall 
Congratulations to our graduates and to everyone for completing another successful semester! Best of luck in the future!

-Micaela Connors, Social Chair

From left to right, top row: Henry Hasti (Freshman Representative), Chad Van De Hey (Webmaster), Dan Holzer (Treasurer), Emmett Nienhouse (Conference Chair), Ben Wortmann (Banquet Chair), Jeff Pickett (Industrial Relations Chair), Aaron Schmitz (Vice Chair). Bottom row: Ryan McMurtry (Regional Liaison), Jon Guay (Secretary), Micaela Connors (Social Chair), Erin Jamar (Academic Chair), Muhammad Alvi (Outreach Chair). Not pictured: Emily Keuler (Historian) who had to leave early!

Those of us sticking around for another year or more got together and surprised our graduates, each sporting a party hat with an embarrassing photo of a senior of them (except for Chad, who just always looks so good in pictures that no one had an embarrassing photo of him. Instead, Henry wore Jeremy Renner on his hat).

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